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social media for friendly (and odd) folks


host device: asus vm65n 2201 nuc
host cpu: intel i5-7400u (4 core, 4 thread) @ 3.1 ghz
host mem: 15871 mib
host os: arch linux
host uptime: 10d 16h 55m

this server is administered by tim hosey, aka @[email protected].


cpu - 0.6%

mem - 25.8%

sto - 28.6%

mastodon version: 4.2.10
current users: 26
posts made: 4058
connected domains: 18422
last backup: 07/13/2024 @ 01:45:37am pst (6h 20m 58s ago)


meh social does not stand for any form of white supremacy, nazi iconography or support of any sort, nor racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other harmful/shitty views. it will not be tolerated on meh social. if you wish to espouse your horrible views, do it somewhere else. you do not have any clout or weight enough to offset being a terrible person.

please report any violations of the rules (even if you're not sure). tim is happy to review and keep meh social free of nonsense.

please also protect yourself! block and mute freely as you see fit.

support meh

you can support meh via the timcade patreon:

patreon: timcade

your support goes toward bandwidth costs, hardware considerations and snacks for the admin.


you can reach out in a variety of ways:

mastodon: timcade

instagram: thetimcade

email: timcade [at] meh [dot] social